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Welcome to the Aave Chan Initiative

Shaping the De in DeFi

Established in the dawn of 2023, the ACI stands as one of the driving force behind the Aave protocol. We amplify your voice within the Aave DAO community and want to lead by example, catalysing progress with a steadfast focus on results.

Our Commitment

As the primary delegate of the Aave DAO, we're committed to action, not just words. We actively vote on proposals and, as service providers, we wield the code to turn these ideas into tangible solutions, advancing the Aave ecosystem.

Why Choose the Aave Chan Initiative?

Leading the Charge

We are pioneers, forging the path for the Aave protocol's evolution as Decentralised Finance through decisive action and code commit.

Cultivating Growth

Our governance mission prioritises growth and risk management, ensuring the robustness of the Aave DAO ecosystem and the prosperity of the Aave protocol.

Execution excellence

With our Orbit and Skyward programs, our dedication extends beyond participation; it's about execution, we translate proposals into action.

Support the vision, Delegate your voice

Join us in shaping the future of Aave protocol by becoming part of our mission. By delegating your tokens to Aave Chan Initiative, you're not only entrusting us with your voice but also empowering the very heart of Decentralised Finance. Your delegation is a vote of confidence, a commitment to progress, and a stake in the journey towards a decentralised financial future.

Our Initiatives


The Orbit pilot funding initiative aims to elevate Aave DAO governance and reward valued contributors currently uncompensated for their crucial role. It paves the way for a potential Aave DAO-supported delegate platform program, aiming to incentivise delegate platform engagement and participation. Eligibility criteria mandate adherence to the Delegate Code of Conduct and recognition as a Delegate Platform in good standing.


Anyone can possess a brilliant idea without smart-contract coding skills. That's where SKYWARD comes in—an entirely free service tailored to streamline your governance journey. Simply meet the [TEMP CHECK] snapshot requirement, and we'll assist you in crafting the [ARFC] and [AIP] should your proposal earn approval.


With a commitment to boosting efficiency in governance and technical implementation processes, DOLCE VITA integrates with ACI's Orbit and Skyward services to streamline operations, automate revenue accrual, and ensure the efficient functioning of delegated tasks. It's designed to fill operational gaps, ensuring the Aave protocol's smooth functioning by managing critical but often overlooked aspects of protocol maintenance and governance documentation.